The right of pupils to ride school buses is contingent on their good behavior and observance of the rules and regulations. Pupils who violate the rules will be subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of the principal. 

    The bus driver and the bus monitor are in full charge of bus pupils. Pupils shall obey the directions of the driver and monitor promptly and courteously. 

    Pupils shall occupy the space designated for them by the driver or monitor. Pupils shall observe the following rules:

    -Clean feet before entering the bus.
    -Do not throw waste paper or other trash on the floor of the bus.
    -Do not mark or otherwise deface the bus.
    -Do not eat while on the bus.
    -Avoid unnecessary conversation with the driver.
    -Keep arms and head inside the bus at all times.
    -Report any damages to the bus.
    -Walk on the left of the road, facing traffic, and stand off of the roadway while waiting.
    -Cans, bottles, drink cartons, or candy bars may not be carried on the bus except in a lunch bag or box.
    -Pupils are not permitted to bring animals, reptiles or rodents on the bus.
    -Scuffling or fighting on the bus shall be cause for disciplinary action.
    -Do not bring balloons or any items made of glass on the bus.

    Pupils who must cross a street or road after exiting from the bus shall pass in front of the bus — not behind it. Wait for the driver to indicate that the way is clear before crossing.

    Drivers are in charge of their buses, and their first responsibility shall be the safe transportation of their passengers. At the first reasonable opportunity, the driver shall notify the principal of the school the pupil attends, the Superintendent, or other school authority about any inappropriate behavior by a student on the bus.

    Any complaints of drivers, pupils, or parents not specified in the above regulations shall be reported promptly to the Principal.

  • Transportation Coordinator 

    Rodney Mitchell