• Annual Documents

              Pursuant to KRS 158.186, SBDM council members should receive copies of the two statutes listed beneath this subheading:

    • KRS 158.183

    • KRS 158.195

      The attorney general's office requires that the below documents be distributed to council members within 60 days of the beginning of the council's term. The Kentucky Open Records and Open Meetings Act: A guide for the public and public agencies explains the provisions of the open meetings and the open records act. "Managing Government Records" provides guidance on how to manage public records and how to keep them organized and accessible. "Proof of Receipt" must be signed by all council members to verify that they have received copies of "The Kentucky Open Records and Open Meetings Act" and "Managing Government Records." This signed form is kept on file at the school office. Superintendents verify the distribution of the resources by completing the Certificate of Distribution form.  All forms for annual distribution can be accessed on the side.

    • The Kentucky Open Records and Open Meetings Act
    • Managing Government Records

    • Proof of Receipt

    • Certificate of Distribution