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From the Office of the Nurse

Families are asked to complete the following steps as soon as possible.

  1. Upon enrollment, all students must present a current immunization certificate or have one on file at the school that shows the new immunization requirements. Regardless of the previous expiration date on immunization certificates, students must have the new required shots listed on the certificate for it to be valid.
  2. NEW Hepatitis A: All students, regardless of age, are required to have 2 Hepatitis A vaccinations given at least 6 months apart.
  3. NEW Meningitis Booster: All students age 16 and up are to have a Meningitis shot regardless if they got one between ages 11 and 15.
  4. Sixth-grade shots are now called Age 11 shots. This means that regardless of the grade your student is in, they must have the Tdap and Meningitis immunizations when they turn age.  


Natasha Fields