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Remembering Officer Rodney Smith

February 27, 2020

Four Rivers Career Academy teachers, Chris Coulson and Will Greer, as well as the 4RCA welding classes, collaborated to make this stand for the City of Hickman in memory of Fallen Hickman City Police Officer Rodney Smith. Accepting this memorial stand in honor of Officer Smith was Hickman City Police Officer Scott McKnight.

Egg-citing Project Based Learning

February 27, 2020

Students in Mr. Chris Coulson's senior financial literacy class are learning how to cook nutritious meals on a college student's budget. These high school seniors are making two egg omelets, which cost about $0.30 to $0.50 each depending on the items the students may add such as cheese or ham. This is just one activity that Mr. Coulson has had planned for the students in his financial literacy classes this year. They have studied budgeting, comparison grocery shopping, reconciling a checking account, and much more. Great work on real-world stuff, seniors and Mr. Coulson!

New Printing Equipment Arrives!

February 27, 2020

The Four Rivers Career Academy is super excited about the delivery of new printing equipment for the Business program of study school-based enterprise. The equipment is being set up thanks to the New Skills For Youth grant. The test runs for the vinyl printing shop are producing beautifully colored, top-quality vinyl prints.  Mr. Chris Coulson will be working with the students and handling the future school-based enterprise.




Skills USA Welding Competition

February 27, 2020

Congratulations Mr. Will Greer and the following students for their rankings in Skills USA welding competitions:



Fulton County Sophomore, Myles Amberg earned second place in Welder 1; 

Fulton County Junior, Camron Price earned 5th place in Welder 1: and 

Hickman County Junior, Chase Adams earned 5th place in advanced welding 

Mission to Mars

October 4, 2019

FCMS 7th Grade students were able to visit the Challenger Center in Paducah, Kentucky today where they completed the Mars Expedition Simulation.  Their mission was to land on the Martian surface to seek out evidence of life and water. They were to work closely as a team and learn how to reprogram communications satellites, calculate and plot a course to Mars, test soil, examine Martian rocks using robotic arms, monitor the health of the crew, locate missing satellites, and check radiation levels.

Kindergarten Students Learn About Distrance and Speed using Hot Wheels

September 28, 2019

“Smash! Crash!” was the title of our Kindergarten story this week. Students read the story and then used Hot Wheels cars to make predictions about the distance and speed of different types of toy cars based on their size and shape.

Celebrating our Senior Volleyball Players

September 26, 2019

FCHS Volleyball Team recognized their Senior athletes on September 26th at the home game against Carlisle County.  Those recognized were:  Madison Emmons, Nikia Smith, Grace Elder, Cailey Prehoda, and Anyya Freeman.

Deaf Awareness Month at FCES

September 27, 2019

Deaf Awareness Month at FCES was marked with special bracelets, announcements and a wonderful guest speaker, Nea Cowan. During our September Celebration, a special message was signed to the student body.

Sanger Field Gets A New Scoreboard

September 19, 2019

Sanger Field is getting a major overhaul.  With the addition of our new bleachers, we are in need of a new scoreboard too.  A big thanks to Coca-Cola for providing us with a new scoreboard, and a big thanks to Hickman Electric with helping install the new equipment.  

Fulton County Homecoming

September 20, 2019

Several alumni came back to Sanger Field on Homecoming Night to reminisce and catch up with old friends.  The Class of 1979 was among many who celebrated at Homecoming on Friday night.  The Class of 1989 also organized a Mega Class Reunion for any alumni who walked the halls while they were at FCHS.  

Woodman of the World Player of the Week

September 19. 2019

‪This week’s Woodmen Life Player of the Week is Fulton County running back Caleb Kimble, who had 25 carries for 408 yards and four touchdowns in the Pilots’ 69-45 win over Webster County last week.‬

Creating an Award Winning Banana Pudding Recipe

September 18, 2019

Students learn when they are engaged.  Today our Kindergarten students practiced counting, measuring and following directions while making several pans of banana pudding for the Banana Festival Pudding Contest.  Not only did they enhance their Kindergarten skills, but they got to create their very own banana pudding.  

Grandparents Day Luncheon

September 6, 2019

Fulton County Schools welcomed our Grandparents for our Annual Grandparents' Day Luncheon and Preschool Grandparents' Day Breakfast.  We are so blessed to have so many grandparents join us for this yearly event.  The FCEMS Library was also busting at the seams with grandparents who visited our Annual Book Fair. 

Family Reading Night

September 10, 2019

Families and faculty gathered for an evening of reading, creativity and fellowship during our Family Reading Night event hosted by Brandon Uzzle, FRYSC, and Ashley Coulson, Media Specialist. Togetherness and sharing echoed through books about making soup. The whole group listened to “Stone Soup”, ate chicken noodle soup and painted a special stone to share. Reading is so much fun!

Keeping FC Students Safe

August 27, 2019

Sheriff Derek Goodson and the Fulton County's Sheriff Departments give FCHS a new wand to help each morning as students are checked when they enter the building.  Members from the Sheriff Department and the City of Hickman Police help wand our students each and every day we are in session.  Members of our local law enforcement agencies also help greet students as they enter FCES and FCMS.  

The Best Day Ever

First Day of School - August 20, 2019

Students at Fulton County Schools had the Best First Day Ever!  We welcomed our new Senior Class as they held their annual Senior Breakfast and Parade.  The Senior Parents were on hand to take pictures and watch as the students entered the building for their last first day at Fulton County.  

100th Day of School

February 1, 2019

Fulton County Elementary celebrated 100 days of school!  Students and faculty dressed as a one-hundred-year-old person or created a shirt representing 100 items.  Throughout the day, classroom instruction featured the number 100 in a variety of fun and engaging ways.  


From counting sets of 100 items in the Kindergarten to strategically stacking 100 cups in the second grade, the special school celebration reminded everyone of the importance of coming to school to learn.

Caleb Fields takes 1st Place

January 14, 2019

Fulton County is so proud of Caleb Fields and his accomplishments.  Caleb, along with other FCHS students, traveled to Louisville for the National Beta Club Convention.  Caleb took top honors as he placed 1st in the Social Studies competition.

National Beta Convention

January 14, 2019

Fulton County High School students travel to Louisville for Beta Club Convention.  Congratulations to Suanna Grace Johnson who placed 5th place in Photography.

National Leadership Summit

January 13, 2019

Callie Coulson was chosen as the recipient of the National Leadership Summit Scholarship.  Fulton County is so proud of Callie and her accomplishments.

Best Seat in the House

January 11, 2019

FCHS Student, Caleb Fields, is recognized during the Homecoming game against Carlisle County on January 11th as a member of the ACT 30+ Club.  Caleb watched the game from the best seat in the house and was served dinner as he watched the basketball game.   

4th Grade Studies Body Systems

December 17, 2018

Students in Mrs. Brenna Ray’s 4th-grade science classes deepened their understanding of the location and function of the systems of the body in a very engaging and fun way.  Students labeled and colored the various organs of the body related to each system of the body studied.  Then, they carefully cut out each organ with an attached detailed description of the organ’s function.  Next, they studied a life-size mannequin provided by the Four Rivers Career Academy Health Science Department that accurately displays all of the organs and muscles of the body.  Finally, the students traced their own bodies and attached their organs in the proper location.

Gingerbread Babies

December 17, 2018

Fulton County Elementary students in Mrs. Wendy Stewart’s first-grade class are “traveling” around the world and “visiting” several countries to learn about different Christmas traditions.  During the class “visit” to Germany, the students learned about the “Tannenbaum” or the tradition of the Christmas tree.  They learned how to decorate the trees by hanging candy canes, wooden trinket toys, stockings, and gingerbread men. 


After reading the books, Gingerbread Baby and Gingerbread Friends by Jan Brett, the class learned how to make and to decorate gingerbread men.  They had great fun sharing their special treats with school staff before tasting the gingerbread cookies.  Each Christmas Around the World lesson integrates geography, history, literacy, mathematics and practical living skills into learning along with tons of festive fun.


Pictured:  Mrs. Wendy Stewart and her first-grade classroom

Second Grade Special Recognition

December 10, 2018

Pilot PRIDE is recognized and honored by second graders.  Mrs. Beverly Claybrooks’ second-grade students made a special presentation to Mr. Keith “Squizz” Roberson for his continuous care, concern and hard work in their classroom.  Each student designed a card and wrote a detailed message to Mr. Roberson that was delivered to him by Macilee Curry, class president. The group hug at the end of the presentation was priceless.

Grandparents Essay Winner

December 10, 2018

“All grandmothers shine, but my Grammy glitters!” is how Chloe McClure, FCMS 5th grade student, opened her award-winning grandparent essay contest entry sponsored by the Fulton County Retired Teachers Association.  This year’s prize for the winning school essay was a $25.00 Wal-Mart gift card presented to the school by Mr. Wayne Lohaus.  Chloe and her Grammy, Carla McClure, have been invited to a luncheon at The Keg in Fulton on January 23rd to read her essay. 

G.R.O.W. Festival

December 1, 2018

The G.R.O.W. Festival ushered in the start of December at Fulton County Elementary.  This annual event is for children ages birth to five and their families.  The purpose of this program is to inform parents about child development and to demonstrate fun learning activities for the entire family.  Children visited different stations with their parents to solve learning puzzles using thinking skills, to create holiday crafts using fine motor skills, and to interact with other children and adults using social skills.  They measured the ingredients for reindeer food, strung beads to create candy cane ornaments, and tore paper to design Christmas wreaths.  Special guests for the event included Santa Claus and Mrs. Glitterz.     

Try It, You Might Like It!

December 10, 2018

Fulton County Elementary and Middle school students have been invited to taste several different foods during lunch as part of the Try It! program.  This fun food event is sponsored by Fulton County Extension FCS Agent Anna McCoy and 4 H Agent Bernita Cheirs.  This monthly program is designed to motivate students to taste different, healthy foods.  Each visit the students are asked to taste a new food such as pepitas, Gouda cheese or pomegranates.  Then, the students are asked to vote either yes or no if they enjoyed the new food. 


All students in grades K-8 participate in the program with an overwhelming approval percentage for each new food.  The intent is that students will seek out new and healthy snack alternatives when shopping with parents or on their own.  Students and teachers enjoy sampling the different food items and look forward to the next Try It! opportunity.



Kindergarten students trying Gouda cheese and crackers with Anna McCoy

FCES Pilot Pride Awards

November 2018

Fulton County Elementary Students received awards for exhibiting Pilot PRIDE throughout the month of November.


Front Row:  Alexis Edgin, Mary Reese Williams, Cole Gilkey, Aubrei Wilson and Molly Parker.  

Middle row:  Sawyer Jones, Brayden Forrester, Jerry Lynch, Graci Moffit, Bre’Ael Noonan, Za’Marri Dickerson, Essence Beard, Zakahri Skinner, Abigail Wombles and Waylon Brunswick.  

Back row:  Harlee Bowling, Detriona Kinney, Chyeynne Linder, Tallas Mitchell, Alaina Sheppard, Brayden Burkeen, Brayden Eakes, Roger Stephenson and Jaedah Williamson.

FCMS Science Word Wall

December 3, 2018

Seventh-grade students in Mrs. Stacy Howell’s FCMS science class were challenged to sort and to create an interactive word wall to deepen their understanding of cell respiration and photosynthesis. The class mastered the challenge and learned several key science vocabulary words along the way.

Quad State Middle School Band Festival

November 19, 2018

The Quad State Middle School Band Festival at Murray State University was held on November 19th. Students were selected to participate in this wonderful experience with other students from Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, and Illinois. Calix Coulson and Damon Schmidt are both 8th graders and play the baritone.

Bubble Science

November 19, 2018

Eighth-grade students in Mrs. Stacy Howell’s science class studied the structure and function of the cell membrane during an interactive hands-on lab.  By creating large bubbles, the students were able to understand the delicate nature of a cell membrane.

Turkey Trouble

November 19, 2018

Third-grade students in Mrs. Brey Jones’ class completed a very interesting Thanksgiving project. The assignment asked students to help a turkey make it safely through the Thanksgiving holiday by disguising him.  In addition to disguising the turkey, students completed a persuasive writing to convince the reader that their project was NOT a turkey.  The clever costumes and creative writing created a humorous holiday display. 

Cafeteria Serves Thanksgiving Meal

November 16, 2018

FCEMS celebrated Thanksgiving with a special lunch.  Turkey and dressing and all of the trimmings set the stage for an afternoon of fellowship and fun with students, families, faculty and community members.  

PTSO Fall Festival

November 9, 2018

The Fulton County PTSO Fall Festival was held on Friday, November 9th. Students and parents were able to choose from a variety of games and activities set up around the FCHS gym.  A silent basket auction and cake auction were great fun for everyone.  Proceeds from the festival will be used to complete new projects sponsored by the PTSO.  Thank you to everyone that helped to make this year’s festival such a huge success!  

School of Choice

November 8, 2018

The Fulton County School Board has worked fervently on the board’s vision of Proficiency, Positive Relationships, and Pilot Pride. The board has worked with local school boards by having a procedure that has allowed for an open enrollment by enacting an “any and all” contract that allows families within the Fulton County School District to attend their school of choice amongst the local neighboring schools by abiding by the same agreement.

It has been the goal of Fulton County Schools to be the school district of choice for those that live in the Fulton County School District as well as those that are neighbors of Fulton County Schools. The enrollment for Fulton County Schools has increased by 8% over the last five years, Fulton County High School is nationally ranked by US News & World Report, and is on a financially sound footing with a local school tax of 53.6 cents on real property and 53.9 cents on personal property. We continue to gain state recognition for education innovation and are a proud member of the Four Rivers Foundation. Fulton County Schools has worked tirelessly to recruit high-quality educators and administrators and are grateful to the faculty and staff who have chosen to be a part of the vision and mission of Fulton County Schools by choosing to be Pilots. We are grateful to our students, parents, and community, in their show of support to Fulton County Schools, and Pilot Pride is visible within the community.

It saddens the Fulton County School Board that Fulton Independent School administration has recently informed Fulton County School’s administration that they will no longer work within the “any and all” student contract that has been in place for the last five years. Fulton Independent Schools has stated that their plan is a new contract in which only approximately 23 of the current 52 Fulton Independent School’s students will be permitted to attend Fulton County Schools. It is Fulton County Schools’ understanding that this new contract will be proposed and voted on at a Fulton Independent Board Meeting this Thursday, November 8th, 5:30 P.M. at the Fulton Independent School Board Office. If you disagree with Fulton Independent Schools’ position on this new contract, we hope that you will attend their board meeting and inform them of your disapproval.

In conclusion, Fulton County Schools over the last five years has practiced public school choice and will continue to practice public school choice. We desire to continue to be your school of choice, and we will honor your choice to attend Fulton County Schools.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me at 270-236-3923.

Go Pilots,

Aaron Collins


Honoring our Veterans at Fulton County

November 9, 2018

Fulton County Schools honored our nation’s heroes during a special Veteran’s Day program on Friday, November 9th.  Assistant Superintendent Patrice Chambers opened the program and welcomed all veterans and guests.  Mayor David Lattus delivered the keynote address.  Mr. Lattus served in the United States Navy from 1962 -1966. He also served in the National Guard for 16 years.  Student leaders read patriotic poetry, and the choir sang a beautiful rendition of “American Tears”.   Chorale soloists included Taylor Cantrell, Mikiyah Mitchell, Abigail Emmons, Reagan Ellingburg, and Samantha Ladd.  JoAnn Hardin concluded the program with the playing of “Taps”.

KDE Deputy Commissioner Amanda Ellis Visits Area Schools

November 7, 2018

Kentucky Department of Education Deputy Commissioner Chief Academic Officer Amanda Ellis and Policy Specialist Jennifer Fraker, from the Division of Policy and Academic Standards visited three area school districts to learn about the Four Rivers Foundation Reading Project being implemented at Fulton County, Fulton Independent, and Hickman County Schools.  After discussing the reading programs at Carr Elementary with Fulton Independent’s DPP, Kent Green, and Adult Education Director, Karen Dean, Ellis and Fraker traveled with 4RF Director, Dianne Owen, to Hickman County Elementary where they met with Principal Richard Todd to discuss Hickman County’s reading program and student outcomes before visiting classrooms.  At Fulton County Ellis and Fraker met with Fulton County principal Sondra Gibbs and other administrators including Assistant Superintendent PaTrice Chamber, along with Murray State University’s Dr. Tina Grant and West Kentucky Educational Cooperative (WKEC)’s reading specialist Holly Bloodworth, to share the components of the 4RF reading project which is a research project being conducted by Dr. Tina Grant and Dr. Ruth Jefferson in collaboration with the schools.  Ellis and Fraker visited classrooms and commended the school districts for their implementation of the reading programs in their schools and offered suggestions and encouragement about the 4RF Reading Project. The visit ended with both ladies meeting with Pastor Jesse Webb and learning about the 4RF JUMP program which is an afterschool program that partners with the schools and is held at Brooks Chapel Church. The program is run by Pastor Webb with the assistance of parents and volunteers.  Both programs are sponsored by the Four Rivers Foundation.  “It was a great day,” stated 4RF Director Dianne Owen, “We were so excited to have Deputy Commissioner Ellis and Policy Specialist Fraker with us and to have the opportunity to show them the wonderful leadership, teachers, parents, and students we have in the four rivers schools.  They showed a sincere interest in everything we are doing and their concern and knowledge for the learning of all children was very evident and impressive.”

Jackson Purchase Primary Care Clinic Coloring Contest

November 5, 2018

The Jackson Purchase Primary Care Clinic of Hickman sponsored a coloring contest.  FCES students in kindergarten through the fourth graded participated in the contest. 


Front row:  Makiyah Karo and Jurnee Lara.  Back row:  Michele Stroud,  Brayden Eakes, Roger Stephenson, Easton Crawford, and Dr. Daisy Benigno.

Robbie & Lisa Rudolph are awarded the Joseph W. Kelly Award

(Frankfort, KY) – At its meeting Oct. 2, the Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) presented the 18th annual Joseph W. Kelly Award to Robbie Rudolph, president of Rudolph’s Inc. and founder of Four Rivers Foundation in Hickman.

The Kelly award, named for former KBE chair and businessman Joe Kelly, is given to businesspeople who offer outstanding leadership and service toward promoting school improvement and equitable educational opportunities for all Kentucky children.

Rudolph, a 1973 Fulton Independent Schools graduate, formed Four Rivers Foundation with his wife Lisa in 2010 to guarantee an opportunity for success for all students in Fulton Independent, Fulton County, Hickman County, Ballard County, Carlisle County, the Mayfield/Graves County ATC and the Four Rivers Career Academy.

Through partnerships with Murray State University, West Kentucky Community and Technical College, area businesses and community supporters, Rudolph strives to create a culture that removes financial and other barriers to create an environment where every student can be successful.

“Robbie has spent close to a decade expanding college and career opportunities for the 3,200 students Four Rivers Foundation serves,” Commissioner of Education Wayne Lewis said. “We are grateful for his advocacy and confident that the culture of success he has fostered will continue to grow in decades to come.”

The letter nominating Rudolph noted that his passion to help students “without a support system” has been instrumental in raising ACT scores and increasing the number of dual credit college hours earned by graduating seniors in the area school districts.

Rudolph continues his advocacy by partnering with the technical centers, West Kentucky Work Ready Skills Initiative and the New Skills for Youth Cohort II to expand dual credit offerings and create pipelines from the centers through the technical colleges to the workplace.

In 1988, Rudolph founded the Amazon Valley Mission Organization, a volunteer organization that provides dental work, medical care and eyeglasses to Brazil. He serves as the owner, founder and president of Rudolph Tire Company, an international tire wholesaler.

“Robbie continues to demonstrate a long-term commitment to making a difference in the lives of all Kentuckians,” Lewis said. “His dedication of time, resources and talent is truly deserving of the high recognition the Joseph Kelly Award bestows.”

The Kelly Award was created in honor of Joseph W. Kelly, a respected businessman and chair of KBE from 1991 to 1998. Kelly’s efforts and expertise were crucial to the implementation and nurturing of Kentucky’s school improvement efforts.

Previous Winners of the Joseph W. Kelly Award

2017 Ed Massey, partner at Blankenship, Massey and Associates, Attorneys at Law
2016 Brent Cooper, president of C-Forward Information Technologies in Covington, and Audwin Helton, president and CEO of Spatial Data Integrations Inc. in Louisville
2013 Jim Allen, chairman and CEO of Hilliard Lyons
2011 Henry Hunt, chief operating officer for Dataseam
2010 Helen M. Carroll, manager of Community Relations for Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing North America Inc.
2009 Bud Hudson, CEO of Pattie A. Clay Regional Medical Center in Richmond 
2008 Al Rider, president and CEO of the North Central Education Foundation in Elizabethtown
2007 Ben Cundiff, owner/operator of Cundiff Farms in Cadiz
2006 Henry Vogt Heuser Jr., CEO and president of Unistar/Vogt in Louisville 
2005 Wynn Long Radford III, president and co-owner of Higgins Insurance Agency in Hopkinsville
2004 Ann Yager Hamlin, director of Stith Funeral Home in Danville
2003 State Senator Jimmy Higdon, owner of Higdon’s Foodtown in Lebanon 
2002 Frank and Mattie Justice, founders of the Frank and Mattie Justice Charitable Foundation in Pikeville 
2001 Billy Harper, president of Harper Industries Inc. in Paducah 
2000 Vince and Valorie Tanner, owners of the Beaver Dam McDonald’s restaurant

September Leader in Me Challenge

Travis Carlisle, and his mother, Teresa Blodgett, were the winners of the FCES Leader in Me September Family Challenge

Fulton County Elementary School kindergarten student, Travis Carlisle, and his mother, Teresa Blodgett, were the winners of the FCES Leader in Me September Family Challenge.  As a Leader in Me school district, FCES practices the 7 Habits of Effective Kids.  Each month families are asked to study and to follow the 7 habits at home.  This month’s winners received a $20.00 gift certificate from Broadway Pizza.    


The September challenge asked each family to read The Dot by Peter Reynolds and to design a unique dot to represent their family.  The entire school read the book in the library as part of the International Dot Day celebration.  Every student discussed the theme of the book and created a dot as part of a school wide art installation project coordinated by Ashley Coulson and Pam Bennett.  The Fulton County Dot Project is displayed in the Anchor Strong hallway to remind students, staff and families to get inspired and to make their mark!

Fulton County receives Energy Star Rating

Partnering with Harshaw Trane

Fulton County was recognized for achieving ENERGY STAR certifications for 2 of their schools at the district’s September 27th board meeting. The district received this recognition after implementing a variety of energy and maintenance savings techniques that provide energy savings, as well as a more comfortable and safe environment for students and staff.


In an article by The Current’s Barbara Atwill, Superintendent Aaron Collins said “We are on the upper level in terms of what we are receiving in cash back for that work. We are about $10,000 over what we anticipated in savings. It has been a good program for us and again the high school building leads the way in terms of what they are doing for energy savings. The District has avoiding paying $133,435 because of the program and energy savings is $11,919 more than the goal of $44,000.”


To earn the ENERGY STAR awards, the district partnered with Harshaw Trane, an energy services company based in Louisville, Kentucky.  By leveraging the relationship with Harshaw, the district ensured that the facility’s systems would remain optimized to sustain and further grow savings opportunities.

"P" Is for PIG

09/19/18 Mr. Wade Adams brings Pear to visit Ms. Brittany's and Mrs. Roberta's Preschool Classroom

"P" is for pig!  Ms. Brittany Bucy and Mrs. Roberta Moorehead arranged for a special visitor to come to their preschool classroom.  Mr. Wade Adams brought a 21-day old piglet to meet all of the students.  Pearl did an amazing job helping to teach about the letter "P", and the students received a bonus science lesson about piglets.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

09/05/18 FCA Fall Kick-Off Event

The Four Rivers Foundation sponsored the FCA Fall Kick-Off Event with a visit from former NFL New England Patriots and stand out UT Volunteer football player, Ben Bartholemew of Nashville, TN.  Ben, who was president of his high school FCA Club, spoke to the five area high schools of Fulton County, Fulton Independent, Hickman County, Carlisle County, and Ballard County on September 5th as a kick-off for the FCA Clubs at each school.

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